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Te Presento a Laura

Comedia - 2010

El Diez

TV Series

Filomena Marturano

Comedia Puesta en Escena

Cásese quien pueda

Comedia - 2014


TV Series

Un gran equipo

Talento y pasión

Una última y nos vamos

Comedia / 2015


Comedia / Drama



A Marichi group will leave their hometown for the first time to perform at a national competition in Mexico City. After being selected, this band of seven set out to find an eighth member to be able to compete. They decide to recruit Martin, the son of one of the members who happens to be in a rock band. The eight men have to endure many challenges in which their brotherhood is put to the test. What seems to be the opportunity of a lifetime, might soon become the beginning of the end for the band.

Production Specs


México – 2015
HD / Color

Director:  Noé Santillán-López
Screenplay:  César Rodríguez / Mauricio Argüelles
Mauricio Argüelles
Martha Higareda


Héctor Bonilla
José Sefami
Hernán Mendoza
Roberto Medina
Mauricio Argüelles
César Rodríguez
Ernesto Loera
Oliver Nava
Martha Higareda
Claudia Bollat
Mariana Treviño
Alejandro Calva
Silverio Palacios

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