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“Tóxico” (Toxic) is the story of the woman and the effects that an incident like this cause in his life and his family. Inspired by true events , this work explores a great sense of humor what happens once the fear, paranoia and terror invade a family of apparently normal middle class. A comedy. A tragedy . A toxic incident in the peaceful life of any family that believes live ordinary , peaceful way.

Production Specs


First Night: October 3rd, 2014

Director:  Hugo Arrevillaga
Written by:  Greg MacArthur
Trasnlated by: Humberto Pérez Mortera


Gabriela Murray – Elena

Víctor Huggo Martín – Guille

Andrés Torres Orozco – Félix

Ana González Bello – Alicia

María Gelia– Joan / Investigator / Mrs. Bathia

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