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Te Presento a Laura

Comedia - 2010

El Diez

TV Series

Filomena Marturano

Comedia Puesta en Escena

Cásese quien pueda

Comedia - 2014


TV Series

Un gran equipo

Talento y pasión

Una última y nos vamos

Comedia / 2015


Comedia / Drama



Laura is a girl who saves the life of a suicidal young actor, and after that, she’s dedicated to help him to overcome his crisis while, at the same time, together are performing the crazy tasks that Laura has in a list of things to be done before dead and that duty must be completed before the end of the month of April, during that time is being born among them something more than a friendship.

Production Specs


México – 2010
HD / Color – 90 minutes

Director:  Fez Noriega
Screenplay:  Martha Higareda
Martha Higareda
Christopher Hool
Alex García
Alfredo Harp
José Ramón Elizondo


Photography: Gerónimo Denti
Editing: Ana Laura Calderón / Michael Courtney
Score: Martin Thulin
Musical Supervision: Paulina Márquez
Production Design: Gian Amara
Costume Design: Marylin Fitoussi
Sound Design: Eric Dounse / Enrique Greiner
Production: Selva Pictures (Neverending Media) / Bazooka Films / Santo Domingo Films /Doberman Producciones / Salamandra Films

Martha Higareda
Kuno Becker
Joaquín Cosío
Silvia Navarro
Mónica Huarte
Armando Hernández
Aislinn Derbez
Martha Cervantes
Fernando Becerril
Adriana Barraza

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