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Te Presento a Laura

Comedia - 2010

El Diez

TV Series

Filomena Marturano

Comedia Puesta en Escena

Cásese quien pueda

Comedia - 2014


TV Series

Un gran equipo

Talento y pasión

Una última y nos vamos

Comedia / 2015


Comedia / Drama


Martha Higareda

Writter / Producer / Actress

With the success of her first film “Amar te Duele” began her prolific career as a film actress. Then it followed her over twenty films and series including “Out of Heaven” with Demian Bichir and Damian Alcazar, “Sex, Love and Other Perversions” directed by Carlos Carrera, the incredible success and first production of Columbia Pictures Mexico, “Bad Girls” and many more.

She studied screenwriting at UCLA. Her first screenplay and production was “Te Presento a Laura”, an indie film that appeared in the top ten’s box office for 9 consecutive weeks. From there she wrote and produced “Get Married if You Can” a movie that broke two box office records, the second Mexican film with the greatest opening weekend and the third highest grossing Mexican film history.

As an actress she has also worked in the United States. Hawaii 5-0, Street Kings, Lies In Plain Sight, Royal Pains, McFarland, CSI Miami are some of the few films she has appeared in.

Martha has successfully combined her acting, writing and producing careers. In 2016 she starred and produced “No Manches Frida” which was another box office hit. Also, Martha produced with Miguel Mier, Jimena Rodriguez and Bernardo Rugama the box office success and Mexican adaptation of “3 idiots” A story about following your true passion, a subject that has always interested Martha as she has toured around her country giving inspirational yet grounding talks to teenagers.

Martha is filming “Atered Carbon”, a hard-boiled cyberpunk science fiction novel by Richard K. Morgan, produced by Netflix and Skydance Studios. Although a premiere date has not been announced it’ll be for certain another huge success in the list of Martha Higareda.

Producer and actress. Degree in Communication Sciences with Specialization in Audiovisual by the Instituto Tecnologico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey Campus Estado de Mexico. She has been producing short films “Ouroboro” “What hurts”, “You”, “Discordia” and “Dreams That Kill”.

In 2009 he performed alongside his sister Martha Higareda the film “Meet Laura,” which was held over nine weeks in the top ten of the National Ranking. In 2014 “Marry himself”, his second film as producer and her film debut as an actress, was placed as the third highest grossing Mexican film in the history of this country.

He studied acting at the CAC, and has participated in several soap operas as “a man wanted”, “purchased woman”, “Empress” and “Living untimely” as well as more than twenty plays highlighting “Don Juan Tenorio “and” The Diary of Anne Frank “, among others.

Miri Higareda

Producer / Actress